Pedro Maldonado with his two sons Pedro and Luis in 1.968

Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja (Granada) in 1.929 in Las Parras Street.
His father was a furniture maker and Pedro junior began helping his father
in the carpentry shop when he was a teenager.
Very soon Pedro Maldonado junior had interest in guitar building and other
instruments. He dreamed to make these fantastic instruments with his own
hands. His father took him to Granada in order to develop this art with
the help of some guitar makers from the famous "Escuela Granadina". They
met Manuel de la Chica, Eduardo Ferrer an Antonio Robles, all of them
famous guitar builders in this arabian city. They showed to the young
Pedro the mysteries of this art and they developed a great relationship.
Pedro was in love with the flamenco guitar sound and started playing it
with great pleasure. Sometimes "Radio Loja" contacted him to accompany the
flamenco singers of the area.
It was in 1.959 when Pedro Maldonado decided to open his first workshop in
"Calle Caus, 16" where he started making his first guitars.

Pedro Maldonado playing flamenco guitar to a singer in Radio Loja.

Since Pedro Maldonado was always a good worker, he started to make
excellent instruments right away. It was then that he started receiving
orders from "Casa Damas" in Sevilla, a flamenco store with a great
reputation. Pedro made for them some guitars made out of rosewood. He was
having more and more orders and after some years he decided to move to
His new workshop was located in "Barriada de Sixto" where soon his
intruments attracted the attention of a well known guitarist by the name
of "Rafael de Antequera" who was surprised with both the sound and the
workmanship of the guitars."If this guitar has a pretty face , the best is
its heart, I buy it " he said.
Three years later he moved his shop to a new place in "Avda. Velazquez
59". It was then he received lots of orders and his reputation grew
rapidly. He worked 14 hours daily in order to make all the orders he had
from different parts of the world: United States , Japan , Germany , Great
Britain , Australia , etc...Music stores were interested in selling Pedro
Maldonado guitars , such as: "Azzato" in Bruxelles , "Ivor Mairants" and
"Juan Teijeiro Music"in London , "Zavaleta Casa de las Guitarras" in
U.S.A. ," Rokkoman" in Japan , etc...

Pedro Maldonado in his early years in Velazquez Avenue

Classical guitarrists like "Los Romeros", "Eliot Fisk", "Jan Walf",
"Cecilia Peigel", "Angelo Gilardino", "Francisco Doblas", "Arturo F.
Jasso", etc...
Some flamenco players who decided to play his guitars are "Manuel Cano",
"El Merengue de Cordoba", "Paco de Antequera", "Parrilla de Jerez", "David Leiva"
"Moraito", "Morenito de Hellin", "Diego Vargas", Klaus Mantel , Frank Deewese who

shows his beautifull collection or the famous american artists:

Strunz and Farah


Sergio Lara and Joe Reyes

The Incendio Group

Young & Rollins


Andrea Bocelli's guitarrist

Pedro Maldonado is married to Francisca Ruiz Martin and has two sons
(Pedro and Luis). Both of them have been working as guitar makers for more
than 20 years following the steps of their father.
The second workshop was opened in Torremolinos in 1.982 and is located in
Avda. Isabel Manoja , 4. Pedro junior has been in charge of this shop
since that year.

Luis Miguel Maldonado finishing a Cut-away Flamenco Guitar.

Pedro Maldonado son working in some parts of the guitar body.

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New model 2.005 made with this beatiful wood. Its name is "Palo Escrito" and is from Mexico. This wood is as light as spanish Cypress and give an excelent sound.