Pedro Maldonado shaping Rosewood Sides.

The woods used by Pedro Maldonado's workshop are the best quality and all
them are naturally dried for at least 15 years. These are dried in a
drying room with a constant temperature and under 50% humidity. This
guarantees the stability of the the instruments if subjected to weather
changes and , also, maintains the best quality of sound. The integrity of
the guitars is very important, specially when they have to be exported to
different parts all over the world.The structural integrity of the
guitars is mainteined without any problems.

Part of the drying room where the temperature is constant and the humidity
is about 45%.

Rosettes are completely designed and made by Pedro Maldonado´s family.
They are built with thousands of very small pieces glued together.

Classic and Flamenco Guitars are made step by step carefully in about four
months time.
The varnish is applied with the traditional system of French Polish. It
can also be sprayed carefully until the final coat is applied.

Pedro Maldonado shows one of his special models (XIX century) for
collectors. This model is made with thousands of mosaic pieces in sides
and back. The soundboard and the rosette are designed with inlays of
mother of pearl and mosaic pieces.